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Spend Time with Your Pals at 22ft Yachts and Make New Memories

All of us have two other people who are very close to us. We cannot imagine our lives without them and the time they are with us is the golden time we spend. The moment they are away, we feel incomplete, sad and lonely. We want to get close to them as soon as we can. For those people, if you want to do something special in Dubai, the best thing to do is take them to a yacht tour. Among the yachts, there is a luxury 22ft yacht specially designed for three people.

VIP 22ft yachts are the best small sized yachts that are ideal for three friends to spend quality time together and cherish some of their golden memories while make new ones. By online booking a 22ft yacht you can come closer to your friends. Here are some of the best features of the 22ft yacht.


No celebration or get together is complete without cuisine. At the 22ft yacht ride, you can enjoy the best food in town. There is seafood, BBQ, vegetable BBQ, breads and cheese besides many others. All the food purely depicts the Arabian taste and flavor. Menu starts AED 180.


There are different extras that can make your trip more joyful and exciting. You can get a DJ if you want to add a bit of music to your journey. You can also order a cake if you want to make your celebrations complete. There are also balloons available on demand so if you want to celebrate birthdays, this can be the ideal choice.


When you choose a yacht ride, you should expect to watch some of the finest places in town. There are different highlights of the tour which you would see and experience. The tour would take you to Jumeriah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and many other places which look tremendous from the sea.

These are some of the best qualities of the luxury 22ft yacht tour. If you want to reserve a 22ft yacht or want to know more about the packages of Phoenix Tours, talk to our staff. The fare for 22ft Yacht starts from AED 500 per hour and this is nothing in comparison to the memories you will make and the time you would have with friends.