Why Your Next Dubai Desert Safari Will Be the Experience of a Lifetime

Leave your next trip’s planning in our hands; with the UAE desert safari, you’ll be meeting equal parts adventure, thrill, and culture – all wrapped into a single, unforgettable experience. Whether you’re on the look-out for a scenic journey underneath the star-strewn night skies, or otherwise craving an elegant, stylish, and uber-cool ride in  a Hummer – we’ve got it all for you.

The urban hot-pot; exploring Dubai

Whether you happen to be a hedonistic adventure-seeker, or an avid traveler with a strong case of wanderlust, and desire to soak in exotic cultures; the Dubai desert safari is for you.

The glitz and glamour of the urban melting-pot is already home to some of the world’s most luxurious, extravagant, and lavish brands and designers. The inhabitants of the urban hot-spot indulge in globally-renowned shopping centers, amusement parks, and internationally-acclaimed restaurants and hotels.

Life within the luxe-city is characterized by culture, scenic beauty, and indulgent opulence. Inject a vein of thrilling excitement – such as the desert safari in Sharjah – and it creates a recipe for an unforgettable vacation!

The likes of popular scenic points such as Turkey and Dubai might both possess awe-inspiring architectural designing, and a glittering skyline dotting the horizon. However, where Turkey might be known for its hot-air balloon rides at sunset, Dubai is most definitely known for its exhilarating desert safari ride!

And there’s much more to it than just that…

With the massively-popular desert safari ride in Dubai, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll circle a gorgeous landscape decked with sand dunes once, and be done and dusted for the day. There is quite a lot more thrilling activities parceled into a neat package that is sure to pack a punch!

Why not pair your Dubai desert safari with sand-boarding, dune-bashing, or a galloping horse ride? When the dark sky settles above, and blankets the sleepless city, enjoy a revitalizing night camping out amongst the stars.

If you’re one to infuse your love for nature and scenic beauty with unparalleled luxury, Dubai is just the place for you! And what better way to celebrate this union of cultures, than by experiencing a night out via a desert safari ride?

A variety of options and packages available – just for you!

Opt for the Hummer Safari to cruise through the city in elegance and style, or otherwise plunge into the refreshing Hatta Tour in order to experience the rustic, natural beauty of the regional landscape. Each option is flexibly limitless, and equally unforgettable!

 A day of serene cruising, adventurous biking, heart-racing tours, and memorable experiences are sure to starve the stomach. Worry not, for the desert safari Dubai offers scrumptious, tantalizing, delicious dining options to boot! You’ll be amply hydrated, and sufficiently filled in order to make the most out of your desert safari ride!

Whether you’re planning on spending liberally, or otherwise closely watching your expenses; there is a customizable package crafted just for you. Negotiate between suitable pick and drop off locations and timings, and you’re all set!

So what are you waiting for?

Make the most of your next trip to the tourist hot-spot. Celebrate the unique, unmatched diversity, culture, scenic beauty, and urban appeal that the city has to offer, courtesy of the desert safari ride in UAE!